How long can you blame a conference for feeling out of whack? As I write this, it is more than a week since I got home from the ├średev week, and I do not think I am quite back to normal. However, at this point it is mainly a nice comfortable feeling. The after-glow of thoughts and impressions being gradually unpacked and still retaining the air of an expanded world of people and ideas.

Yes, it is all good.

I attended as part of Kodsnack - the tech podcast I run with two friends - and so spent my days not only listening but also doing a couple of interviews with speakers and generally trying to be a slightly more social version of myself. It went so well that my main self-criticism is that I want to do even better at everything the next time. Being around so many new people and ideas, missing lots of opportunities (theoretical or real) is a fact that my somewhat over-analytical side just has to learn to deal with. Diving in repeatedly and trying to have a good time at it is the way to do it, so I have thrown the negative thoughts away and happily focus on building up from here.

My mind still fires in all directions at once whenever I think about the conference, so I have a hard time focusing on one thing here. Or any thing. But here is something: it is the people that stick. The quick connections, comments, shared jokes and tweets. My cave-dwelling introvert mind is still reeling from them all, hoping vainly to be able to keep even a few connections alive over time.

Speaking of cave-dwelling: with a one minute walk between the hotel and the conference venue, I did not get much fresh air. I did manage to go to the gym each morning, but that was only a ten-second walk around the corner. I think that exercise (at the gym, not the walks) did me a lot of good, I have never felt less ran over by a train after a week of intense listening and socializing.

So thanks ├średev, for being great to me for the second time. I hope I will get to do this many times more!