Surface book vs Ipad pro handwriting

A quick comparison of how (mainly) my handwriting looks when using the pen on the Surface book versus using the pencil on an Ipad pro.

Here is the Surface book:

Writing on the Surface book Writing on the Surface book

*Original size*

Now for the Ipad pro:

Writing on the Ipad pro Writing on the Ipad pro

*Original size*

This is a lot more like it. Well, a lot more like me on paper anyway. Tip size of course makes a difference to the look as well, but not an important one. The most important thing is that the look of my handwriting is clearly impacted by the software, my smaller movements are rounded off into nice and smooth lines without detail. The Ipad of course does tons of processing as well, but there are clearly differences of priority. The Ipad, I think, goes for reproducing my lines as faithfully and precisely as possible, while I think the Surface book goes for making smooth lines and eliminating jitters and jaggedness.

I can not help but wonder if the Surface book is smoothing things like this to try and cover up lower input precision, and I really want this to improve in future surfaces. Let me feel I am drawing and writing in my own style, as if the software was not there at all, shaky, short lines, squiggles and all.

(And of course, also fix the feeling of detachment between pen, screen and where exactly lines appear. I think it all goes together.)

Apps used

The Ipad text was written in Procreate while the Surface book text was written in the sketch book. I have tried writing in several apps on both, and the feels are persistent.