Iphone air?

I listen to enough podcasts discussing Apple that I hear (and read) most popular rumors discussed a few more times than there are, strictly speaking, interesting things to say. Recently, discussions have been extremely focused on the rumor that Apple may remove the headphone jack from this autumn's Iphone models, and that the outward appearance of the phones will be unchanged. The main circles are stating reasons it would be a bad idea on one side and on the other trying to come up with why or how Apple might try to promote it as a good thing.

Apple kremlinology is feverishly alive.

So, the two rumors are no design changes and the removal of the headphone port. Put together, the two just do not combine into a naturally appealing story.

But what if the port is removed in a new model separate from the main ones? No headphone port and no design changes, just in different devices.

That both sounds like an Apple move, and like a story which could have real appeal. The rumor mill puts a major redesign of Iphone next year, but a small device this year could be a nice way to pave for major changes to come, sort of how the Macbook air pointed the way all Macbooks would follow.

I imagine a screen the size of the 5S, or perhaps even the 4S, and at least as thin as an Ipod touch.

Removing the headphone jack would not seem out of place there, and the main models could keep supporting the Ways of Olde one more year, freeing people to complain about lack of innovation.

(Could the speaker go too? The lightning port? Inductive charging and wireless data transfer only?)

Having lived happily with a 5S for a few weeks, I can easily see Apple adding an extreme edge to their phone line like this. A phone for listening, not so much for reading or tapping, and perhaps with another marketing push for Siri.

In my unbiased mind, it seems a lot more interesting and plausible than the main models dropping the headphone jack mainly because they can. It seems harder to weave a good story around that if they remain much the same otherwise.

But what do I know, Apple rarely check in with me either before or after releasing new products.