A great gadget

This might be my favourite computer of the decade:

Ipad mini 2 from 2013, still going strong Ipad mini 2 from 2013, still going strong

This is my Ipad mini 2 from, I think with decent certainty, December of 2013. It can no longer run the latest versions of IOS, it is dented, the screen cracked in places, and it is getting seriously slow at starting and switching between apps.

Oh, and there is no touch or face ID so I have to type passcodes like an animal all the time.

Somehow, all that sort of fades away because it is still such a joy to hold and use. When this Ipad was new, I was at my height of dreaming of being a one-device (plus phone) person. Now that the updated mini does pencil support, I could easily see one being my One Ipad again, and I can dream once more of one being my One Device. Xcode for Ipad, how far off can it possibly be?

On the other hand, I feel more like getting a really powerful stationary computer than I have in years. Developing with serious horsepower backing a huge retina-grade monitor. Perhaps even playing a game or two without stutter, drained battery and/or screaming fans?

A really powerful stationary computer and an Ipad mini, how cool would that be for a personal setup?

In any case, this mini has served me really well. For a while, podcast recording and editing was about the only thing I used a laptop for at home. Oh, and rare bits of coding and updating this site of course. I guess I was not all that one-device even at that peak. Oh well, I was closer anyway. I bought a keyboard which also sparks joy and used the combination a whole lot.

My Macbook has done its share of joy-sparking too, not least when compared to other fan-monsters for size and weight. But it has never approaced the total level of joy sparked by this mini. I thought its time was all but over though, as it has spent the last few years mostly left in various corners, sometimes as a Spotify provider for a kitchen speaker.

For some strange reason, I have rediscovered it after my latest move. Perhaps a larger space makes it more relevant to have another device strewn about for easy access. Perhaps it is the smallest alternative to the phone I try to pick up as little as I can. And perhaps the larger Ipad gets used by other people more often. Whatever the reasons: I am finding myself using it a lot again, loving the size, finding myself dragging it around the place a silly amount because I happened to start listening to something on it rather than the phone.

Also: how and why is the battery still so good on it? I know my Macbook of similar vintage has held up very well too, is this what all modern batteries are like?