Can touch this

In 2007, I got a touch-based device which felt magical.

Not a phone, silly, that had to wait another year.

No, it was the Ipod touch.

On the occasion of Apple discontinuing the Ipod touch line, we started talking about it on a recent episode of Björeman // Melin. I was wondering out loud where mine was, only to realize that it was sitting right there on the shelf just above my monitor.

Still beautiful.

Ipod touch charging Ipod touch charging

Still slimmer than my actual Ihpone.

And, for some reason, it still works perfectly.

Slide to unlock Slide to unlock

It is definitely a relic frozen in time. Old OS, no chances of updates, no chance of new apps, and all sorts of show stoppers (and slowness) when it comes to browsing the web.

Ipod touch home screen Ipod touch home screen

But you know what is good about a device which fits all of your music into your pocket? You do not need any connection to the rest of the world to enjoy your music.

Not only that, but my old music collection actually contains some stuff I can not find on Spotify. Video game remixes for one, but, more importantly, Girl talk's essential All day.

Girl talk's All day Girl talk's All day

Yes, Plex and Plexamp and all that good stuff. But that is a whole lot more stuff and connections than just having the songs in my pocket, a swipe and a tap away from my ears.

Little details: