I have a new phone

Well, no.

I have an old phone.

For a while.

While my Iphone is out for some rest and repairs, I am using a Samsung galaxy ace 4. It looks and feels cheap and kind of the messy in just the way I imagined Android on a lower-end device would. The screen saturates all colours and looks fuzzy. On the other hand, it makes me realize just how amazing everything looks on some of my other screens. Good for perspective.

That was all expected. What has surprised me is the amount of details I really like. I had very low expectations, and this phone beat most of them easily. From details like the three-step sound/vibrate/nothing switch to an auto correction which does not seem to hate me with at all the same fervor as Apple's. The phone also beat my expectations for responsiveness, but unfortunately lived exactly up to my expectaion of OS upgrades. No Lollipop for me! At least I could get myself some Material design from Maps and Photos and not feel completely behind the times.

I could not keep from activating Google now. I did a voice search for pizza, commands being parsed much faster and more accurate than I would ever have expected. Minutes later, I clicked into a video on Youtube on my computer and was greeted by some kind of pizza ad. They are always listening, and boy, they can react quickly too.

I very much enjoy getting to figure things out in a new environment for a few days. I have no motivation whatsoever to truly switch, especially not after being without my regular phone for a day and realizing just how much stuff I would need to replace or migrate if I ever wanted to switch.

But dipping a toe every now and then can only be good for me.