The Winamp Section
Creating Skins
This little gold nugget of software is a lot like all programs should be. It's small, meaning quick to download and with low space requirements, easy to use, yet packed with features, it's user extensible and highly customizable, and it's, now, completely free.

No matter how good it is, there is probably someone out there who has never heard of it. In that case, there is a good chance that person has never had a single Mp3-file on his/her computer either. So, to cut a long story you should already know short, Mp3 is a sound format and Winamp is the program a lot of people use to listen to the sound format.

However, Winamp can play more than just Mp3's. A lot more ... With the right plugin, and there are plenty of those available too, there are very few sound formats Winamp can't handle (although I'm still looking for a .med plugin ...). The greatest advantage of Winamp in front of lots of different sound players is the playlist functions. Now, I can put together playlists consisting of anything from wav to mod to CD music to Mp3, and that makes me listen a lot more to music in front of the computer than I would otherwise.

Winamp also delivers hours of fun with the possibility to create skins for it. A skin changes the graphical appearance of the program, and creating Winamp skins is basically the simple process of copying and redrawing the bmp-files that make up a skin. It gets a bit more complicated, of course, but it's stil about as simple as it can possibly get. Take a look at the downloads-page to get my home-made high-quality skins (cough, cough ;-). Speaking about finding out more, there's the official Winamp homesite too of course. More plugins and skins than you can shake two fairly large sticks at.

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