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One day, probably not entirely unrelated to installation and usage of LiteStep, it turned out that the old workhorse Explorer simply didn't like it's enviroment anymore. Probably it suspected that it was no longer working under a shell that bore its name, became jealous of the newcomer and decided to refuse further cooperation. To cut things short: it started crashing, and often too. This didn't do anything good for neither overall stability nor productivity. So, I asked myself, is there a better working, preferably free, replacement around? And if so, how do I find it? Don't remember the exact answer to the second question, but to the first one the answer quickly turned out to big a big happy yes! 2xExplorer was a pretty small download, completely free and so far it hasn't caused a single problem. It also does everything the usual Explorer does plus a heap more things if you care to find out. The greatest thing is it has two "exploration" windows, window panes, at the same time, plus the tree view.

Once you install and run 2xExplorer, you'll leave Explorer and never need to look back. And that's regardless of wether you use the standard Windows shell or some nice replacement. Installation, by the way, is the whole cumbersome process of unzipping the program into a folder of choice, a second or two of painful action :-) ... Okay, the search function isn't as easy to use as Windows' standard one, but nobody's stopping you from using that one.

Homepage and download at http://netez.com/2xExplorer.