27/3 2007

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Seasons in the sun

Oh, it feels like summer is approaching!

Clear skies over Lund

I am writing this on Pomum, seated on the balcony. Clear skies, birds singing over the music from the iPod, kids playing below. Perfect scene. But the sun just hid below the opposite building, so I think I will head inside pretty soon.

In any case: summer feels close, and it's getting greener every day. If my camera had been properly alive I would probably have put up a photo of a flower or two already, but it is not, so I have not.

Yesterday Ellen and I had lunch together, topped with some of the wonderful ice cream you can get around here. Today I was back to a lunch box (heated on the server this time!), but after work I bought a Ben & Jerry's Fossil fuel (three yays for new flavours!) and munched while walking home (using a spoon strategically inner-pocketed before leaving work), which wasn't a bad alternative.

Oh yes: news in mail today.

More Nintendo DS games in the collection

The little master must be fed.

The evil, evil people of play-asia.com also threw in a coupon giving USD 5 off on a purchase before May 17th ...