15/12 2006

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Lund, mid-December.

I aim/hope to get as much stuff as possible packed down or thrown away this weekend as possible. Ellen and all her things will arrive with the end of the year, and this is actually the last weekend I have between then and now.

I think I'm pretty much finished going through my clothes, packing things I'm sure I won't need in a while (sure it's been kind of warm so far, but I bet it won't be weather for shorts any time soon) and filling two large bags with clothes I'm pretty sure I'll never need again. Ten t-shirts, a bunch of well-worn trousers, an assortment of odd socks and gloves, and even some stuff Bonnie left beind a year ago.

I also had a go at packing down things from the kitchen and was having a good time wrapping cups in newspapers, but I quickly ran out of things that I'm sure we won't need. No point in packing something carefully if you have to dig it up again before you actually move.

Umbrella in shower

Shower, mid-December. Yep, it's nice and drizzling outside. Makes the thought of carrying bags of clothes to the nearest donation point all the more appealing.

Tiki Kiwi