28/11 2006

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

It's been a sort of "meh"-day today. It's all a mental thing really. A lot of stuff (both at work and otherwise) is up in the air, waiting to be decided and come down in one way or the other. Each on its own is one or more of positive, interesting and/or exciting, so there are no threats flying around. Most I can't do much, if anything, about right now either. All I really need to do is to wait and see where and how each thing lands, and take care of my parts when they do. But when too many of them enter my mind at once it can start to feel a little uncertain and tiring.

You know how it is.

Today that happened, so I was feeling a little grumpy as I walked home.

Once I opened the door I found that I had a package to pick up, and that it had been hit with import taxes. Not in any better mood, I walked to the store, paid, picked up the package and headed home for the second time. The package contained a bunch of shirts I'd ordered from Threadless (don't tell anyone, some are Christmas gifts!), and fortunately they look so good that all money-related irritation evaporated, taking a bite out of the other grumpiness as it went.

Now I just need a bunch more presents before the 24th. Just to have something more on my mind. Where's true one-click-shopping when you really want it?