29/10 2006

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Green grass and autumn colours

I've been nursing a cold all weekend (between lunchtime on Friday and Sunday afternoon I didn't even leave the apartment), so now seems like a good time to try this:

Gypsy tea package

Just about anything has to become powerful after steeping for 15 minutes ... I'm about to find out, right now.

Well, that's ...

Kind of sweet, easy to drink. And, as a bonus of the steeping time, at a burn-free temperature right from the start.

Apart from the League I've also read through much of Digger during the weekend. It's a really nice, beautifully drawn comic about a wombat's adventures in a strange land far away from home. It feels different from everything else I read regularly, and so I eagerly clicked through it.

Today I unexpectedly ran into the barrier between now and the past which you're asked to pay to pass through. 2,95 US bucks to access all the comic hosts' comics for a month. My first reaction was to think I don't need more webcomic addictions, especially not if they drain my account. Then I got hold of myself, realized just how little 2,95 is, and of course Digger's worth that. So I signed up for a month, and am just waiting for my password to show up in the email. The PayPal reciept arrived promptly, but not the mail from the comic host company.

With my luck their email server's dead or something ...

Anyway, this weekend can be summed up as a lot of comic reading, a movie or two and the last few episodes of The Secret Life of Machines. Tons of pretty pictures and good words, in short.

The ghost of Monday yet to come

Disco will, it turns out, be released tomorrow. I think they've truly succeeded. Just like they said/aimed for, I want to burn discs so that I can use the application. I've burned three discs since getting the beta, two of which I would not have burned otherwise.