20/8 2006

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Ellen departed less than two hours ago after spending the weekend here.

Perhaps I felt I needed to do something fun to ceer myself up. Perhaps I did something crazy because I feel good.

In any case, I bought an application.

Well, I may have.

At least they say it's an application.

Will be one, anyway.

What the above's really all about is a to-be-released application called Disco. The let you/me buy it right now for USD 5, as opposed to the ? (that's the official figure) they'll charge when it's released for real. We'll also get to participate in beta testing. The only thing they won't tell us yet is what the app is/does. But five dollars is easily little enough to do something fun in the spur of a good moment.

Speaking of that, Ellen and I watched My Date with Drew (that I bought in last Sunday's spur-of-the-moment ... moment) and had a good time at it just as promised. Good vibes promised for all comers. We also watched V for Vendetta later in the evening. It's (I think) the third time I've seen it, and it holds up really well. It's somewhat stranger that I've only read the comic in its entirety once ... Right now it's out spreading the word to assorted siblings, but I should get my act together and re-read it once it comes back.

So, to sum up:

Really, what more is there one needs to know?

As a pure bonus, tomorrow it will be my job to create some admittedly and hopefully extremely small and simple bits of app-like code for OS X. Yay for fun tasks, and let's hope I don't manage to dig myself into a bottomless pit.

After the rain

Nostalgia section

Fractals are pretty neat, right? I remember I had a fractal generator on a stone tablet floppy disk full of utilities for my Amiga. It drew really good-looking fractals. Or at least parts of really good-looking fractals, because I don't think I ever had the patience to wait for a complete image to finish. A little while later, I think dad's LC II had a screen saver that drew fractals. It divided the screen into boxes of various sizes and filled them one by one. If the square was empty it felt pretty fast.

Quick jump to today, and Ellen and I googled around for nice fractals. Then we downloaded XoaS, which generates and lets you pan and zoom over fractals. I held down the mouse button and dove straight into a dense part of a Mandelbrot set. I watched as the darn thing zoomed down in real time, ever down, revealing more detail. I could practically hear the numbers being crunched, devoured by the hungry processor cores. I suddenly got a unusually clear feeling of how much power computers have gained in the years I've been using them.

I set the iteration threshold 2.5 times higher and dove in again.

At ten times the default iteration threshold things got a bit heavier to munch on. I wonder how many magnitudes more of everything this thing is working with compared to that old Amiga renderer ...