21/6 2006

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Today's fun surprise

Bergsala, the official reseller of Nintendo things in Sweden, runs a few Animal Crossing Wild World villages for people to visit. Every now and then they host little competitions in the cities. So last week I posted a note on the noteboard in the village Vegas, and today I was informed by email that I'd won a copy of Brain Training! I don't recall ever having luck in lotteries before, so I'll enjoy the feeling for as long as I possibly can.

Today's total stomach filler

Ice cream. Really, really good ice cream. This afernoon we went to Lilla glassfabriken (literally "the little ice cream factory") in Malmö. Four generous scoops of delicious ice cream, plus whipped cream and other toppings.

This kind of eating is possibly what espresso was custom made to sit perfectly on top of.

Today's lack of a photo