17/5 2006

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Terminus has officially retired. Freed of the weight of its hard drives, it has moved to a calm and cosy retirement location where it plans to spend its time reading, sleeping late, solving crosswords and finally taking up painting.

It really has been an extremely well behaved computer. Throughout the years the only problems I can remember having have been completely caused by me alone. Plus, I don't recall ever having a piece of hardware in it failing.

Ah, I remember one! My first CD burner didn't make many people at all happy and died a strange but definitive death without any help from my side that I can think of.

So, one hardware failure then.

And it wasn't even a hard drive.

And that's despite the fact that I've disconnected, pulled at, changed around and replaced the majority of the things inside at one or, often, more points.

I've partitioned and re-partitioned to the point of ridiculousness, and managed to ruin two partitions of data at one point.

I've tweaked BIOS settings and graphic card clock rates to the point of strange lockups.

I've pulled things generally not meant to be pulled out while the computer was running.

In short, I haven't really been careful. Terminus has been a very reliable thing.

In other news, Mr K. is buying himself a Wacom tablet. Which is a good thing, not least because it makes me think about using my own more again. And I'm really curious about what he'll create with his as well. He's getting it on Friday, so I'm expecting plenty of results by ... say, Saturday morning.