Apple Wireless Mouse

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

I have said many times that I like mice with many buttons. I have said repeatedly that I don't see all that much point in wireless mice. I have also mentioned every now and then that I didn't see much point in external mice and keyboards for laptops.

Yet here I am, controlling Pomum with an Apple wireless keyboard and a darn one-buttoned wireless mouse from the same company. And even while doing so and liking it, I'm not quite sure why.

This will focus on the mouse side of the experience from here on, I know very well why I like the keyboard side of things.

So, it has one button. It's wireless and optical. It seems to track a bit worse on poor surfaces than my old Intellimouse. And I couldn't for the life of me manage to keep the button pressed while lifting the mouse (see last paragraph). Apart from good looks there's no reason in the entire world to like this over a fancy multi-button wonder from Logitech or Microsoft.

Strange as it may seem, I think it ends up with this: I use this mouse and guess I sort of enjoy doing so, but there isn't a single good, hard reason to get this instead of a more full-featured mouse. Just that intangible, nonsensical feeling that it's right and nice to use it with your mac. The attraction of zen-like simplicity perhaps. Ah well. Don't fall in the trap, buy a mouse with proper equipment. Fortunately a wireless mighty mouse should be close by, that's a bit closer ...

Hard is as hard does

After writing creating this page I asked Martin if he ever had any difficulties clicking and lifting his two wired Apple mice (one one-buttoned, one Mighty). I ended up bringing my mouse over to him for some proper testing and comparisons. The standard way of lifting an Apple mouse without "un-clicking" it is to squeeze the sides. There are spots on both sides which attach to the bottom of the mouse, and by holding them you prevent the mouse from un-clicking when lifted. That's how the old mice work, and that's how the manual for mine stated it works too. But no matter how firmly I grasped the darn thing always unclicked. Well, we realized the secret is to not grip too firmly! On the other mice you can squeeze all you want, but on this wireless version pressing too hard actually forces the bottom down (or the top up, who knows), effectively unclicking it again. A light squeeze doesn't however, and suddenly you can lift freely. Feels like a real design miss to me, I think it wouldn't happen if there was just a bit more space between the parts.

More Mousing Musings

A while ago the included batteries ran out, so before I bought some decent rechargable ones I dug out and connected my old Logitech iFeel mouse. It is nice to have two buttons and a wheel ...

... or that ball on the Mighty.

We'll see how long it takes to get back to one-button mousing again.