21/12 2005

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Christmas draws near, like a sneaking, semi-transparent figure hidden in shadows carrying a four-hundred-kilogram-bag of jingle bells, food and presents wrapped in garish paper on his back.

With reservations for any last-minute revelations I've got all the gifts I need for the Eve itself. Now I just need rhymes for them, at least most of them. Not out of strict necessity, but because I want to put rhymes on them. I've got two, and they're relatively long. Might be a good rhyme year.

Snow or not feels pretty irrelevant, I'm going to have a good Christmas, and I wish everyone else one too! There will be merriness, by Claus! Jingle the bells and dream of a white Christmas if you really must.

Okay, snow matters a bit. If there's a lot of sudden snow the day before or on Christmas Eve itself my train might not get me home on time. So careful what you wish for, okay? Thanks.

Apart from this Christmas thing work moved to new offices on Monday. Larger, older, cosier and a whole lot more central. Can you tell I like it?

Also, someone else did all the carrying
and transporting of furniture and boxes.