3/10 2005

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

If I seem to forget, remind me not to water my plants in a long time, okay?

I've never considered myself good with plants.

Perhaps I've had green fingers
but certainly never for the right reason.

Anyway, after I moved to my own place my plants went so dry I eventually put an event in my calendar recurring every three days reminding me to water my plants.

Anyway, last time I moved I left my few plants behind and started on an all-new set. Of course, I looked out for things marked as patient with poor water and light conditions. I think all of them were in the water-sparingly-when-soil-feels-dry, and I certainly thought I'd watered them like that. But oh no, not this time! Today I thought a light shower had to be long overdue, only to find both my larger plants were just a splash short of water getting above the soil.

I guess IKEA's idea of a sturdy plant is way beyond mine.

Is it just me, or does this site seem a little slow loading after my weekend code reorganisations? I'll have to investigate a bit, but while the total amount of code did go down quite a bit also moved into functions in a file I include in all pages of the site. So, if the amount of php included in a page matters a lot then it could be a real thing.

By now I'm into my second listening of the album I link above-right. Now I know this band deserves my money for making a good record at least as much as they do for making a good move.

Blob and plant