4/9 2005

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

The Swedish Apple store has a little blurb on the side:

"Preorder now - be among the first to get the latest games"

Interesting initiative I thought and clicked to see what games in particular one could pre-order right now. It's not like games tend to come too quickly to the Mac, maybe this could be part of some kind of initiative to draw interest, purchases and developer interest?

Unfortunately, the list was as follows:

Impressive lineup huh? All those new, flashy games for your Mac in one place. I'm more inclined to laugh than cry, but it's a pretty close call. It feels strange to see Apple themselves reinforce the image of the Mac as a poor games platform with a mess-up like this. They could at least have let the Red vs Blue guys handle it, they make it even funnier.

Otherwise I'm spending this Sunday night in front of my computers. IBM keyboard for Terminus in my lap, Pomum in front of the monitor and one mouse per computer on the right side of Pomum. Pomum runs music and chat, Terminus web browsing.

Yes, I reach for the wrong input device all the time.