18/7 2005

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Another week, another Monday.

My deadline keeps edging closer, and I'm doing my best trying to ensure it won't go wooosh the Douglas Adams way long before things start to feel finished. I hope I think (I know? Nah) I'm up to it, but the apparant amount of work compared to the quite definitive number of days makes me nervous when I think too much about it.

I'm going to be away for a week two weeks before the deadline, if things don't feel finished enough by then I probably won't be able to relax very much at all. Can't let that happen.

Should look into how much I can enable working from home if/when I feel the need to do so. Today I just brought along some source files, but editing them in a text editor with no way of test compiling whatsoever isn't exactly optimal.

Ah well.
Just more reason to finsih things for the day before going home. My long-term goal is still to go home at decent times every work day and be so efficient that I can disconnect work as much as I feel like when I'm not there.

With a bit of luck I'll get there before I retire ...

But sometimes it's nice to go home, breath a bit and catch a fish or two before having a somewhat fresher and more energetic look at things.

Of course, biking to and from work once more isn't bad exercise ...

No images to post today, sorry. Did take one, but it didn't come out nice enough. Perhaps tomorrow.