18/5 2005

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null


I ...


... I've got a new job!

And it starts soon!

Real soon ...

In fact, in two weeks I will have finished my first day at work today.

Odd thought that.

Feels rather good, if somewhat unreal. Like things are being a little too easy. Not that it won't be a challenge, it's just that getting to this point happened very suddenly and very smoothly. I got the first signal about it on Saturday and the message that I've got the job tonight. It's still only been three days between now and then. Weird.

Weird but good. A weirdness all of its own is the thought that I may, if everything goes as hoped, never work at Parken again after next week ... I doubt I'll miss the job itself seriously, but some of the people could be a different matter. We'll see.

Also interesting was my own first reaction when I read the message that I'd got the job. I would never have predicted that the first thing I'd feel was some kind of complete relaxation. I've gone through a bit of doubt in my own abilities, and I expect to deal with more of that moving forward, but it's as if things going exactly according to plan made the real excitement just ebb out.

Right now I'm mostly feeling nicely tired. I wouldn't be surprised if going to bed brings up some of those feelings and gets some thoughts going though :-) ...

Life's so cool!