Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null



Toy-like controllers.

With totally touch-identifiable buttons.

I bet it's durable in a toy-like way too. Brightly coloured plastic tends to last.

And ... it has a handle.

Isn't Nintendo something of the console world's answer to Apple? Right now people seem to be predicting the death of Nintendo left and right, just like people used to do with Apple, completely ignoring the fact that even if its console base is small compared to the other two competitors, the company itself is doing well and remains quite profitable. I don't think Nintendo really is competing or wants to compete with Sony and Microsoft, they're here to sell fun games. I bet they could remain profitable and keep going forever even without any third party support at all, but I rather hope they'll come back and gain more popularity with their home consoles again. They seem to be thinking in many good directions.

But it's strange to me that Katamari Damacy didn't appear on the Gamecube. The whole idea feels so much Nintendo that it should have turned up on the cube by sheer force of gravity, magnetism, or whatever the game equivalent is.

I wonder what the rules are for making games at Nintendo. I wonder how much freedom there is in the process. If a game isn't their kind of wacky will it die there like it probably would anywhere else? Judging by the output they seem to be doing a lot right, but maybe it's a very restricted world in there.