9/5 2005

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Time for the weekend report from the department of giving a home to things other people don't use but may want back in the future.


The first, I swear, the very first, thing that went through my head as I lifted the Gamecube out of its box was Steve Jobs introducing the first iBook and saying "And ... it has a handle." I know, I take my medication three times per day.

Anyway, it comes with Mario Kart Double Dash, Animal Crossing and that special Zelda bonus disc. Will probably write more about all this somewhere else, some day ...

Bet few can honestly deny liking this thing though, bad photo aside:

Lavalamp closeup

When I didn't stare at bubbles of green goo or play cute games I've brushed up my knowledge on the concepts behind objective-C and ...

... looks like that's pretty much it. Ah well. Tomorrow I might go out and happily make myself a little bit poorer. We'll see.

Time to turn off the lava lamp for the first time!