16/2 2005

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

The work week is about to start, and I can tell it's going to be ... fun. I've got this little cold sailing up which, depending on what exact direction it decides to go in, could have the power to make a long shift seem endless. I'll try its ability right away too, because half an hour ago my shift got extended by two hours.

Everyone else is falling ill too, see?

Apparently the schedule for the week and weekend is still full of holes, so I won't be surprised if more additions and/or changes come my way.

Monday just started seeming very attractive ...

But then, I don't think anything like this can really dent my high spirits right now.

There's way too much pure good energy built up.

Also, I'm proud to report that I've scored the number 8 hit on the new MSN Search for the terms "physical and psychological question". And it's my copyright information and general disclaimer page, no less. It's nice to be relevant to people out there.

Oh look, I just got more work tomorrow. Not for illness reasons, but still no surprise. Also got offered to arrive pretty much as early as I like on Friday. Said I'll see what I feel like by noon tomorow before saying anything about Friday.



Whopee, I'm back home! And except for a somewhat clogged nose I'm feeling quite normal right now. Things just get better.

Seems the employment agency people bailed out of the web/information system-development idea I wanted to get paid for doing at work though. I wouldn't have been too surprised if that had canned the whole thing or at least froze it indefinitely, but now our economy guy said outright that maybe we can still get it going somehow. Key expression:
"It needs to be done".
Which sounds pretty good in my book.

Still, I really should be looking around for other opportunities.

That's it. Just let me get this cold out of the way first ...