15/8 2004

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

The weekend, in brief:

A stiff, but recently punctured and improving, lower lip.

That sums it up pretty well, actually. It's always fun to visit Martin, but it would have been even more so if my lip hadn't started swelling on the train here and occupied much of my mind and energy. Now I'm on a diet of antibiotics for nine days more and told the lip may need more emptying before things get completely well. I just hope I can look somewhat normal by Wednesday, wouldn't want to miss work over something silly like this ...

Oh, and shaving too. Feels like that suddenly got a lot more troublesome. Heal fast, little wound ...

On the other hand, I do look like quite a tough guy with a lip like this. Having a patch covering a wound right below it doesn't detract from the effect either.