16/12 2003

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

I've lived on my own for closer to two years now. My second Christmas here is approaching and I apparently won't send any Christmas cards this time either. I can't help but feel bad when I think about it, but it's not like anything's stopped me, got in my way or otherwise hindered me. No flash floods, stern winds in the wrong direction, postage shortages or outbreaks of absent-mindedness. Well, okay, maybe a bit of the last one there ...

Time moves so darn fast!

Next year I'll start doing it again, promise.

I'll invest more in decorations as well.

That's it.

Otherwise Christmas is feeling good coming up this year. I'm progressing decently with present purchases (have even written some rhymes already!) and thesis work is feeling less worrying the more time passes. That may not be a good thing in itself, but I've got work done on it today nevertheless. It's just my mind getting to grips with the thought of not finishing the thesis until March I think. I'm almost counting on that now.

Considering the first hand-in time is little more than two weeks off it'd be pretty darn opitmistic to hope for anything else.

I'm looking forward to a calm spring, and because of that things that need doing seem to be moving into that timespace.

A notable feature of tonight: I managed to remember P3's evening music program. There's usually something well worth listening to between 21:00 and midnight but normally I never remember it. Tonight, though, I'm streaming sweet P3 Rytm (yeah, that's Swedish for rythm, we're a creative bunch when it comes to adapting words) into my headphones and freezing cold air through my balcony door.