5/10 2003

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

I had some high aims for this weekend school-wise. A short speech by a teacher on Friday made it feel like the work suddenly piled up like tons of granite on my back, making me feel not only very burdened but also motivated to get myself together and get as much of it done as soon as possible. I wrote down a list, including the goal to make it through this course on time and in one piece, and got off to a decent start the same evening when got home from work.

After that things have calmed down to more normal levels again. I've got a bit done, and I'm not really behind in the way that I've got things to do that should have been done already, but I haven't done as much as that initial energy kick made me want to. Especially not planning, thinking and pulling cords trying to find a good subject for my essay, which really is the big thing looming over us. We've got plenty to do before it, but all those things feel a lot more managable than getting the essay started while doing those things, and then writing in in shorter time than originally expected. I remain determined to get through this though, even if I'm not as rock-solid as two days ago :-) ...

Because of this sliding panic sensation, I've got as much or more gaming as home exam patching done in the past days. For the first time ever, the end is in sight in Populous II! I have less than 150 levels left to go, and it's all done without any ultra-special-all-powerful code or level jumping. It's all honest level finishing and lightning bolt earning.

Okay, now I'm leaving for Henrik's place in less than two hours. It'd really be nice to get some more exam fixing done before that ...

I've also managed to finish Blade Runner, and it was nice all the way through.