Willys Snabbmakaroner

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

All my life I've been a devoted consumer of Kungsörnens snabbmakaroner. "Snabbmakaroner", for those from out of town, literally means "fast/quick/speedy/whathaveyou macaroni" and is unsurprisingly macaroni that overcook if you look away for more than five minutes. I'm kind of picky about my macaroni, the ones pictured in the macaroni gallery I've linked to the right are pretty much spot on the way I don't want them. I like my macaroni short and thin thank you, if I wanted long and thick I'd go for some kind of spaghetti, right? The apparent thickness of cheaper alternatives have always kept me away from them, but when I came across Willys things were different. They looked totally okay from the box shot. Similar to the most popular brands in contents and taste (oh to be able to call down tortorous doom on the person who decided to connect speakers to the TVs running a three-minute ad-video tape in the checkouts), well why not? It went into the shopping basket.

Compared to Kungsörnen, Willys has cut a very small corner in the packaging. There's no little slit on top that allows you to neatly close the package again once you've opened it. Sure, I don't often open my packages neatly enough for that to make any difference, but it's still a corner cut.

Once the package was open my first thought was wow, these things are small! By own estimation (without anything to compare to) I'd say they're about half the size of Kungsörnen's version. They seemed a little thicker on first glance too, but I think that was just the way the edges looked.

When it finally came down to eating things went just as well as anyone can ask for. It tasted macaroni, I didn't think anything at all about it. And that's as high a mark you can give to a brand devoted to copying others at lower cost.