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Piro writes about the entertainment industry wants you stuck in consumer mode and avoid creating your own things. Here I am, having browsed through all of his creativity over the past three days, and feeling great about it :-) ... And of course, I come out quite inspired as well.

What are the prices of drawing tablets and/or scanners again?

I owe Niclas some good thanks for luring me to MegaTokyo earlier this week. It's by far the most ... expensive ... feeling online comic I've ever read. The quality of the comics are just miles above that of something like UserFriendly, and the huge pages show so much more detail than the more limited conventional strip format GPF uses.

(You got it, that's the two other online comics I follow and have read up the backstories of.)

I like the design and layout of the site as well. Especially the two-column layout with a rant in either column below the comic itself. If I hadn't started reading the comic on a high-resolution I may have missed that part for a long time, and what a shame that would have been. There's a lot of stuff to read down there.

A glass of orange juice and some gum got me through a whole morning and plenty of afternoon of MegaTokyo, and only now am I realizing any serious wishes for refilling from the stomach region ... Now, what to go with the potatoes?

The comic where the good part of your conscience uses the same laptop brand as I do, and the artist uses (well, used at least) the same brand and model as my dad. It's a strange world ...


July 28th, 2003

Piro himself (that's both a main character and the nickname of the artist) has got to be part of why I like MegaTokyo so much. He's a nice guy, he's got himself a Mac this year (and man what a Mac it is, but nevermind for now) but more importantly he's very publically struggling with just the same kind of problems getting things started and finished as I feel I am all the time. I'm not sure that enables me to call him a source of inspiration or a role model ("yeah, when I grow up I want to delay things just like Piro does!") but it's something to that effect in any case. Some kind of positive reinforcement. They guy's a human much like me, and If he can do stuff like that then I'll be damned if I can't get more stuff done as well ...