What Makes Me Think Different?

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

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  • Keep your legs warm in style!
  • The definitive answer to the question of what to bring to the bathroom!
  • What makes me actively seek out, download and watch Apple ads and presentations?

    What makes me accept Apple things easily that I'd never live with in Windows? If Winamp was the size of iTunes I'd drop it in no time at all, because I prefer to have as much screen space as possible in Windows. On a Mac it doesn't seem to matter to me as much, at least not yet. Sure I still set menu buttons to be of smaller sizes when possible, but I'm content to have the dock take up some of my screen real estate and over all put up with applications taking a bit more space than my things do in Windows. Perhaps I've just grown up and stopped worrying a bit, or perhaps it's that Apple interfaces are friendlier, better looking and more efficient than Windows (that's a theory, not a statement).

    A big reason (probably even the main reason) is of course that changing operating systems totally has left me open to accepting different ways of doing things. I got this computer because I wanted to, and now I want to really try and do things in a Mac kind of way because that's what I've paid for. I want to know the intended ways of doing things, trying them out and seeing if I like them. The change of pace, to a famously friendly OS, has made me start working with interfaces rather than against them, With Windows I've done a lot of "oh, I wish it wouldn't do that exactly like that, because it does it that way I won't use it". There's always been the feeling that Windows isn't all coherent, polished or elegant, that it's something you have to work around to some extent. With OS X I've started actually going with the default ways and realizing they're not too bad after all. If they were, they probably wouldn't be defaults either ...

    It might be interesting to try the same thing in Windows some day, although I probably couldn't get myself to accept doing things too much the way Microsoft intends me to.

    Apple has even made me accept putting stuff on my desktop all the time. When was the last time I did that in Windows?

    This is even more interesting: Mac OS has inceased my use of keyboard shortcuts! The GUI of all GUIs (and with less keyboard integration than Windows) has increased my use of the things. Very curious. Also, it has made me trust GUI behaviour defaults a bit more, in Windows too.

    Great hibernation, wake up times, stability and total silence -> always on programs! Safari, Mail and Terminal never go anywhere after first launch. The slowness issues I had soon after getting Pomum, and my idea that it might have to do with having lots of stuff running, has limited the persistance of other programs, but I see no reason for not picking it up again.