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Being an account of my adventures in the land of penguins ...

Linux is the free and originally finnish operating system that's got the coolest logo/mascot/symbol of them all and that usually makes you do a bit more work and read up a bit more to make things work than you may be used to in, just for example, Windows. What you get in return for your work is, hopefully, better understanding of your operating system and programs, increased geek factor and above all the warm fuzzy feeling inside from using an operating system that isn't owned by Microsoft. And nowadays it's not even half as hard as it used to be. Trust me, if it was I wouldn't have been able to do it, but here I am (admittedly writing this bit on a Windows laptop, but the site is served of Pigbox, that runs Mandrake Linux).

I had wanted to give Linux a try for a few years before I finally got around to it in the spring of 2001. Before that the percieved difficulties of installing and generally learning (especially the first of these two things) a new operating system seemed a little too difficult for me.

Given my experience this far, it was probably good I didn't try earlier and with less experience :-) ...

Anyway, I've tried to make it easy for me. I know that I'm no expert on the subject, so I've tried to keep to reputedly easy to install and use distributions.

Here it might be suitable to take a break and explain something. A distribution is someone's compilation of the Linux kernel and a whole bunch of software to actually get things done. So, distributions aren't different operating systems, but they can still differ markedly in software, kernel versions and so on. A single distribution can differ a lot depending on the preferences of the person who installed it as well, most of them include a lot more software than you need at once, enabling you to pick and choose the bits you like best. Especially notable is that Linux as such doesn't include a graphical frontend, so there are many different ones available that look very different from eachother. That still doesn't mean it's a different operating system. Just a reminder, thank you for listening.

Right, back from the break! I started with Red Hat 7.1 and the only installation problem I remember was a bit of fear for messing with my partitions :-) ....

My second distribution was Debian, but it didn't last long on my hard drive. It just didn't feel as friendly to set up as I need my Linuxes to be, and I never really got it into the way I wanted it.

So, very soon it gave way to Mandrake and that's where we are now! Head into the sub pages for more information.

And don't fear the penguins!

Tux, mascot of Linux