Matrix Screensavers

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Come on, you know what those are about! Everyone knows that, don't they?


Don't they, Gandalf?

Okay, I may be a bit deep into this, but I do realize there may actually be some people out there, surfing around innocently and honsetly having no idea what the Matrix is all about. Far from my mind would it be to look down on said people, or to take the opportunity to educate them a little on one of the best things about it.

First, the education. If you want some background, either use the external to reach the official site, or go get the movie (yeah, I consider it worth owning, no problem!). Or both, in order of your choise. Once enlightened (or having chosen not to), proceed below.

Right, now we're all on the same level, and can agree that the encrypted Matrix code is one of the cooler things to have moving over a computer screen. What better screensaver could there be? If I recall correctly, my search for one began pretty soon after seeing the film the first time.

Martin informed me quite early on that he'd done searching before me, and his conclusion was that the best one available was one for BeOS. He was right about that, the BeOS one is great, and will be linked among the externals as soon as I boot into BeOS to check which one of the two for BeOS it was. I did find a Windows one to my liking though, along with a bunch (including the awful official Flash one, urgh!) that just weren't up to the task.

The one I liked I liked very well, so the search paid off. For the developer too actually, since the asking price for the "sponsor version" was so reasonably set (2,99 USD) that I found it well worth it. The free version works just as well though, the only thing added is colour shifting (but don't worry, the green you want is the standard colour), messages and some other minor stuff. Just the way it should be.

The coolness of having Matrix code running down all screens in the room can't be denied (or beaten if you ask me, but do feel free to suggest things that might! :-). And now I've set it up with all the suitable messages I could think of, displaying a random one every six seconds or so (they come flowing down with the rest of the code just the way you want them to). The default selection is all from the first film, but of course you can't sit around with the default selection forever :-) ...