A Brief Introduction to Mozilla

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

This is the damage I've suffered from writing about Mozilla in school showing through. You've been warned ...

Mozilla isn't just any old webbrowser that takes longer than IE to start. That's just part of what it is. Once upon a time there was Netscape. You've probably heard of Netscape in history classes, or maybe you've even tried the recent versions. Those versions are actually built on Mozilla!

Yes kids, it's true!

Back in 1998 Netscape started the Mozilla project, and let everyone who wanted to have access to and work with the source code to Netscape Communicator. From that point Mozilla changed and expanded to the point where producing a web browser still it a main part, but not the real essence. Nowadays Mozilla is actually a whole framework for writing all programs in general, the fine thing about it being that said programs are really (okay, make that relatively) easy to adapt for different operating systems. If you look around at the Mozilla website, namely the downloads section, you can find evidence of this. Mozilla the web browser, and thus the framework, is available for a whole heap of different operating systems. That means any application you might create also work on all those operating systems.

Not bad, and not as slow as Java either :-) ... And it's freer too, Mozilla is a real open source project with all that comes with it (including a certain lack of thorough documentation in many areas).

Okay, the above is about mandatory for any article or website concerning Mozilla for some kind of new user. Nice to know I've done my duty :-) ... Not only that, but I've avoided all the abbrevations and the X's that come with them too. The technologies that make up the framework and make Mozilla tick are one thick spaghetti ball to get through, but they're smart things and they do work. The geek value is high, to say the least :-) ...