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Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Suddenly the auto checking for updates on start reminded me of its existence for the first time ever, popping up to tell me version 0.74 of Trillian is available, and would I like to download it right away? Yes, you bet! Off to the website we went, and things turned out to be a lot more exciting than "just" (they don't come that often, and when they do they always make it count) a new normal version. Trillian Pro 1.0 was there, along with a new site look.

A pay version of Trillian, now that was interesting! 25$ seemed a bit too steep for me though, so it would have to ...

But wait! People who have donated in the past would be given the Pro version for free! Now that's a real way of saying thanks for donating The check's in the email, so to speak. User name and password to log in and download the new version, they hadn't forgotten me after all :-) ...

Download was fast, and installation was just the way all installations should be: right over the older version, preserving every single setting and not messing anything at all up.

Addition on September 12th 2002

The first thing I noticed upon starting the new Trillian was that the skin had changed. While certainly not ugly it did lack the compactness I want in my skins. I could have lived quite happily with it, but of course all the old skins still worked as well so it didn't get to remain very long.

The first apparent change apart from the skin was the fact that my hotmail address was sitting above the contact list, being monitored for new email at all times. I'm sure glad I've switched on the heaviest spam protection, otherwise I'd be getting new mail alerts all the time! While this was nice and handy, the real fun came with the POP3 mail plugin that let me add any mail account to the list of automatic checks. Just great!

On the eyecandy front there's a great thing for Windows XP and 2000 users: you can set Trillian windows that don't have focus to become as transparent as you like! This is so nice that it makes you want all windows to do the same, believe me :-) ... Combine that with the option to set any window to always be on top, and you can have som real fun. Typing behind a transparent window, now that's what's really cool!

October 28th 2002

Trillian Pro supports plugins, which I've found quite nice. There aren't too many available yet, but the selection is very good. One gave me back the great drawer with the URL grabber, another checks my mail and a final one displays the time for timezones of your choice. Nifty, and a bit more reason to pay for the Pro version.

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