Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

All Palmwritten (what else?).

Graffiti is the simplified writing you use when entering text into a Palm. It doesn't adapt to your handwriting or anything, but it is very easy to figure out and start using. Plus a full reference of strokes is just one stroke away (as long as you remember that stroke of course :-). There's a visual keyboard for tapping on available too, but I recommend staying away from that. It's much better to look at the reference now and then so you learn the strokes instead of bringing up the keyboard.

Is it fast? I haven't done any measurements at all (I'm sure others have) but you do get a good writing speed without too much effort. Make no mistake, handwriting is faster (if you're not totally out of practise) and more flexible (as in doodles and stuff, paper rocks!). What slows me down the most is when I make mistakes and have to erase things. But writing things on a Palm has other advantages. It's electronic right away of course, but a bigger thing is that Graffiti feels easier on your hand. Not having to move sideways is a wonderful thing. And you can hold the Palm in your hand and write comfortably without the text ending up totally unreadable too :-) ...