Date: 2011-02-19 19:50:19 Created: 2011-02-19 14:45:37

A small teaser of things to come.

Just a little sign that I am making progress on something new and educational (educational for me, that is).

In other news:

I have lost my voice

… quite literally. Thursday evening
well, all of Thursday, really,
was spent talking. I had felt little signs of approaching cold during the week, and did think my voice was sounding a little bit hoarse right before I headed off. Still, it was a surprise just how broken it was when I tried to greet mister H on Friday morning.

I have learned that the best thing in this situation is to just let your throat rest, so while I could make myself understood I tried to keep quiet as much as I could. Today, I have only hissed a handful of words, enough to notice that the status quo remains.

It sure is a good thing I had no major speeches planned for the weekend.

I have only lost my voice once before, and neither this nor that time have I felt too ill otherwise, so it is almost a fun novelty to experience.

Yes, I am weird.
Proud of it, too.

And when I do not code, post unexplained images or ponder my voice I go through the Elements of style, picking up what I can and generally enjoying its outlook on things.