1/8 2002

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Have spent the afternoon trying to get dual graphic cards and monitors working in Windows. I think I almost got there in Windows 98, but for XP the graphics card seems to be a bit too old or something. The device manager said the card couldn't be started properly or something. Seems like it tried connecting to this monitor when the drivers were installed, and that didn't work of course. I wonder what Windows 98 did better ... Or maybe it's just different manifestations of the same problem in the different OS:s ... Maybe I'll try more another day, but not today ... There's a game session coming up in the not too distant future, and I wouldn't like to leave in the middle of testing :-) ...

I'll just spend the rest of the time listening to Cornershop, chatting and typing a word or two here ... And drinking orange juice. Verry verry nice my friend.

And tomorrow's the last day of online order management work for this time. It's been a short three weeks, that's for sure. The work amount may have influenced that feeling, but still the mornings have been as early as ever, and I still don't seem to have adapted properly to those mornings. I'm always as tired in the evening.

And I thought for a while this morning that I wouldn't be able to repeat the get-up-early-and-work-without-breakfast-trick. I felt pretty weak and tired getting up and in order, but it wore off and was replaced by a good deal of hunger by the time for breakfast. Good planning, that was.