Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

It all started back in the late parts of the last millennium, with the video for Brimful of Asha. Cool song, mental nod of approval, not many traces left.

Then saw some more about Cornershop in some music program. Not all that much, but enough to get another impression and a little more interest. Enough to try and find Brimful of Asha online (one of my first ever music downloads!). So I did, downloaded, which took for ages, and it turned out to be the Fatboy Slim remix. This being before I started liking Fatboy Slim I was disappointed, and besides I wanted the original version anyway. I wanted more of the same as I'd heard on TV.

So, a now unknown time after the above events (not very short) I went out and got the whole album, When I was Born for the 7th Time. Kind of the wrong album to get if you wanted more of one of the songs from there :-) ... Cornershop does music with Indian influences, and tons of other influences as well. So, at first I was disappointed. I counted to six songs of 15 that I thought of as "normal", or more in the style that I'd been after when I got the CD. Didn't feel like good value right then. Too many strange sounds, too much Hindi, too much weirdness.

But luckily I stuck with it and found myself starting to like it. Butter the Soul went from an annoying loop kind of thing to a fun song, Brimful of Asha and Sleep on the Left Side stayed great and all the others generally grew in my ears. When the Light Appears Boy was a pretty early favourite if I'm not mistaken, one of the first to come out of the shadows of confusion. The rest followed in a close formation and soon I found myself with another whole album I could listen straight through and enjoy everything. Cool!

Yes, even It's Indian Tobacco My Friend ...

The guy who reviewed Handcream for a Generation on dagensskiva (see external) described it as a mix tape, and that's spot on. You've got some feeling of a whole, but there are so many different styles in there on both the albums. WIWBFT7T has more Indian feeling, so far I like it better than Handcream for a Generation. Both are very summery, very warm and soft and nice-feeling. Very good background music in all circumstances as well.