Seasons in the sun

Date: 2010-06-28 20:29:35 Created: 2010-06-28 15:57:36

All is, I dare say, pretty great.

The idea of coding every day is alive to a pretty great degree, summer is clearly here, friends and family are dropping by regularly, I had a great midsummer and am shaking off the last hints of cold.

Plus, I may get my wardrobe assembled tomorrow. Fancy that, my bedroom looking all furnished and finished.

Midsummer promotion

Apart from the odd sneezing and such I had quite the perfect midsummer, hanging out with old friends (Bonnie and Kristoffer) and a whole set of other interesting and fun people. First at Liseberg (my first visit since when, 2002? 2003?), then on to Kullavik for barbecuing, eating and drinking in the best of cottage-based summer traditions.

There are photos, I am sure.

On Midsummer's eve Kristoffer also showed me his latest creation - Ohm chess HD - on the Ipad. It looks, sounds and plays great (the last to whatever level a decisively fifth-rate chess player like myself can tell). I especially fell for the title screen, which really sets a mood and yet again reminded me of the expression that the Ipad "becomes" whatever application you are using. Ohm chess HD is awaiting approval in the App store right now, and to pass the time you can visit Ohm interactive and get your own copy of that sweet title screen in several resolutions ideally suited for desktop backgrounds. Trust me, I am looking at it right now.

Code and design

Yes, my hobby coding is rolling along really well right now. I have pulled things together on the coding front and sent a few friends a first test version of my Iphone application for accessing Swedish movie rating site Filmtipset on Saturday. I got some great feedback, adjusted and fixed things accordingly on Sunday, then promptly discovered some more problems and entered one of those stages where things just seem to be breaking more with every fix you attempt. And then I thought it might be time for a break so I got out and got myself some more sun and fresh air and, once home again, focused more on website coding (and Super Mario galaxy 2) for the rest of the evening. I am trying to create a reasonable companion site for the Iphone app and I find that it, together with designing the icon and other visual aspects of the app itself, provides me a nice variety of things to focus on while still making progress toward the same goal. It has also got me to think more about UI design in general, and look for good and interesting examples of such as well. All with at least some focus retained.

In short: I am having great fun coding, a goal (marked "1.0") is in sight and I hope to make the final pushes to reach it very soon.

But not so soon that I get too out of touch with other things. Like the sun outside, the nice games, and the people around.

Exercise geekiness

Trying for that "balance" people keep talking about.

Because of that cold, I have not been running for more than a week. I am curious, and actually a little bit excited, about how it will feel next time I run. It might be tomorrow.

The social

A chocolate cake has been baked.

People will drop by regularly all week.

There is a lot of pineapple available.

Final words