Date: 2010-05-02 14:22:23 Created: 2010-05-02 10:19:25

I have spent most of my Valborg weekend with B and K, especially B who arrived in Gothenburg on Friday afternoon and heroically visited my apartment despite all the natural deterrents (a lot of uphill walking to get here, that is). We had some really nice pub food at a place called the Old corner which not only had nice prices but also a surprisingly wide array of vegan options. Oh, and nice prices on beer too, of course.

I still felt kind of full when I woke up on Saturday morning, but that was nothing compared to Sunday morning. More about that soon. After a classic breakfast (tea and porridge with plenty of chopped fruit) we walked downtown and ended up having a light lunch at Condeco, where K joined us. I had a nice latte, an extraordinary "luxury" muffin (apple, cinnamon and vanilla cream) and an unexpected number of slices of nice bread.

After that we caught a bus bound for Kullavik, and it was somewhere there I started to feel that summer is really on its way. Trees going green, a beach walk with smooth rocks, scents of salt and seaweed and the sun coming out to make the water shimmer. Oh yes ...

And in the evening, we grilled, which was the first time of the year for me and another contributor to the feeling of late spring. Lots of vegetables, some chorizo and a rather nice home made tzatsiki went down really well. In my case, I probably could have skipped a sausage or two.

But I
know when to stop when the food is good ...

So today I woke up to beautiful sunshine and warmth, still feeling surprisingly stuffed. Once those feelings had been ... taken care of ... a bit, I headed out for a long run. Two laps on the ten kilometer track in Skatås made up what should probably be my last long run before Göteborgsvarvet, and they went really, really well. I was much faster than last time I did the same run, and I am confident I can shave a few minutes off my time from last year at Varvet itself.

Runaway running thoughts

As it was nice and warm, I ran wearing some old shorts, an even older t-shirt and of course my relatively old (they are approaching their second ... purchase day) running shoes. I probably should, but I still never bring anything to drink when I run. I also wear my pulse watch for a bit of time- and pacekeeping.
I like to keep it simple.

Running like this, on my eighteenth kilometer or so of the day, I started wondering if some of the runners I passed were not making things a little too complicated with their water belts, sunglasses, seamless tights and other fancy things.

I see the point in each and every one of those things, and I would probably use many of them if I had them myself. But I still start thinking like this. Is running not all about your body? Shoes are a mean of protecting your feet from rough surfaces, and clothes are for maintaining a suitable temperature (and a socially acceptable level of decency, I guess).

Would I enjoy fancier things if I had them?
Quite certainly.
Would they make important differences?
I have no idea.

But I feel the simplicity is a very big part of running. Put on your shoes, find a way and go. If you need many more things to do it, is not something slightly wrong?

Do buy comfortable clothes, scientifically developed shoes and so on if and when you like. You will like them and probably find they make your running more comfortable in one way or the other.
Just remember that they are not the important thing.
And do not get tricked into thinking you need them.

Outlook for Sunday evening

The sun is shining at me where I sit in my armchair typing this, the cup of water is half full and the coming week is looking busy but motivating and managable.

Might now be a good time to trim my hair again?

Or perhaps just sit back, close my eyes and enjoy the sun ...