Other Loose Notes

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

July 20th, 2002.

Took a look at the pdf file WarcraftIIIManual.pdf on the game CD last night after reading a note on a WCIII page about background information in the manual that I didn't have in mine. To my surprise, the file wasn't really a manual at all, it was 99 pages of pure background information! I don't know about you, but I often think that games contain way too little background information, this is just the way it should be. I'm not all that surprised that it was Blizzard who did this, but I think they could have mentioned that the information was there :-) ... I just thought it was an electronic version of the manual, and the first few pages before the table of contents seemed to confirm this as well. Very sneaky!

Anyway, now I've read up and it was quite a fun read. Although I don't quite see the need to involve the whole process of creation with titans and stuff (it seems a bit much to justify war on one little world in that universe and makes Azeroth seem like a very small place to fight over) they've sure used their imagination a good deal. There are a lot of background events, and a whole lot of battles that could have made games of their own, or at least some great cinematics :-) ...

July 30th, 2002.

Read Firingsquad's review of the game yesterday and found a couple of interesting points. For one thing, they disliked the single player campaigns much more than I did. They found it something of a tired repetition of the moves that made up Starcraft, high in quality but not very new. When I think about it I have to agree to an extent, but I'd like to know just how much more variation you can get out of the RTS formula anyway. After all, gameplay-wise there aren't that huge differences between the games, and there are only so many things you can do to create missions in this formula. I do agree that the quests are a bit uninspired and perhaps a bit too helpful in telling you what to do as well.

But still, I seem to be getting more enjoyment out of the campaigns than they did, and I'm happy about that :-) ... It's fun to play, it's great not to have to build up your base in each and every mission (in very few of them actually), and it doesn't feel like a repetition to me. I could actually enjoy a few more standard base building, ass kicking missions, but maybe that just means I should get into multiplayer ...