Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday ...

Got up at 9-something feeling very nicely rested, and am just finishing breakfast in front of the iBook. I wonder if the cable allows me to sit in the couch as well?

I guess not, but at least now I'm typing with it in my lap. True laptop computing ... Should be about as good hand positions as you can get on a standard keyboard, right?

Last night I realized that I quite definitely need to either find a standardized, safe place to put liquids I consume in front of the computer or ban liquids in front of the computer altogether. Right now bringing a full enough glass in front of the computer is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. I did think about it last night when I brought my glass to a dangerous position in front of the keyboard.

"Oh, this is pretty dangerous. I can see myself toppling this in one swift move. But I'll remember it, and I'll empty it soon anyway."

And I did remember that it was there, for a few times ... Then splash, and the area behind me to the right needed some proper drying off ... I hate when I push my luck like that, knowing the risk but still doing it, and then failing. Well well, some day very soon (today or something like that) I'll learn, and that'll be a real sign of growing up. I did start by putting the glass in safe positions, but then impatience and convenience took over and made me move it. So I'm almost there, but not quite. Ah well ...