Känn ingen sorg för mig

Date: 2010-03-09 07:20:17 Created: 2010-03-09 02:20:04

I have moved, uprooted myself and become a big city dweller.

In the process I have, as usual, temporarily lost most of my connectivity. This building eats 3G connectivity, dropping me to unstable edge and even makes voice calls sound quite a bit worse. Hence, this is being written offline and will be posted at work tomorrow or something like that.

And without any photos.

Fiber is, joyfully, being brought to the house. All the wiring is in place already, but this winter put the required outdoor digging on hold. No news to be expected before April they say.

I think I can cope though. I have some access and plenty of other things to dig into.

(Plus, the thought of taking a walk to check your email makes me smile inside. Like taking a walk to pick up the newspaper, only different.)

Parts of the past are on my mind too. I am still not sure how I should deal with them, but I think I am making progress. Simply letting them take up less mental space is posibly a good step in itself.

So, back to the present. There are plenty of boxes to unpack. Things to find places for. Lamps to put up. New things to be bought and installed. Some additional electricity wiring would be great. But I will try my hardest to take things at a slow pace and figure out what I want to do before I do it. Get all the boxes out of the way, but not put everything back up even if I have the space for it. Take my time, breathe and enjoy.

And get to know the city, of course. And the people in it.

People do me well.

There is also work to be done and sleep to be had.

Photos: somewhere, some other day.

Pomum out.