2/2 2010

Date: 2010-02-02 21:39:37 Created: 2010-02-02 16:38:57

Yesterday's writings.

I have not written here much lately, but I have actually been pretty good at writing in general. Much, if not most, of it has even been on paper. While I have been making notes in my paper notebooks on and off, morning pages have mostly been off. But the past few days I have got into them too againm and it feels nice if not earth-shattering. More simply satisfying and cosy is that I have started writing a bit in the evening as well. In bed, nice-flowing Japanese pen in hand and a Moleskine notebook for surface. Cosy cosy cosy, I am starting to like my handwriting, starting to try and get certain letters to look a little bit nicer. Things like that. Becoming a better handwriter, having a great time and becoming a generally better writer in the process as well.

Keeping a diary, the people of Olde would have called it.

It is like a weblog, but physical and without the comment spam.

I am trying to improve my writing with this little entry too, writing it mostly eyes closed, trysting (to some degree) the accuracy of my fingers and my knowledge of the keyboard. More fun, and more relaxing for the eyes. Even if Iglance up all the time, not at all like that time when I wrote a whole long entry without looking at all.

Candy monster

I have been pretty hard on the candy this week. Last night I bought a six pack of dammsugare (wonderful marzipan covered rolls of various doughs, both ends dipped in chocolate) on the way home from work.

That should have lasted for at least three occasions. Yet, somehow, probably influenced by the evil powers of the universe, they only lasted for one. And that despite being served after two healthy plates of spaghetti and meat sauce.

Today, it was time to be a different man. So, along with a decent movie, I had upward of a litre of chocolate flake ice cream.

And now that the apartment is more or less free of candy and ice cream, perhaps I can go back to leading a healthier life ...

But hey, today I skipped the coffee and stuck with red and green teas. Got to count for something, that. Right? Cough ...

Otherwise a good amount of things are packed, some other things have been thrown away, and winter incredibly and wonderfully maintains its grip on Lund. I love the extra light and calm, and am enjoyed by all those seeing more trouble than fun in it. But it is a good thing I got a long run in on Saturday, because I do not seem to get out for any longer distances while new snow keeps coming.

My eyes tell me it is time for bed. Take good care!