Christmas time!

Date: 2009-12-23 09:29:32 Created: 2009-12-23 04:08:24

Bang, we are here!

In a few hours I am heading off to spend Christmas with the usual suspects. The shortest days of winter are behind me, and things in general seem both more exciting and relaxed (if those two together make any sense) than in a long time.

The temperature has risen a bit, and someone is starting on a snowman together with her child down in the yard. There is no way all the snow can melt away before tomorrow though, so whatever happens this will definitely be the whitest Christmas I have ever heard of for Lund.

It has been a good year and a good autumn in many ways. But on the whole, I would have done even better if I had taken it a bit easier, making more use of my spare time to disconnect and relax.

Not that I know a secret way to do that in the circumstances.

But nothing says I could not have changed said circumstances.

Something to learn from, for sure.


The presents are bought.
And wrapped.
The bags are packed.
There is a new, fresh and fun 2010 to look forward to.
Christmas music is playing.
There is a chance, however faint, trains will run on time.
And I am in no rush if they do not.
Plans for a great new year's eve are also in place.


Have an
almost indecently
merry Christmas