6/12 2009

Date: 2009-12-06 21:03:10 Created: 2009-12-06 15:44:52

The creative effort of the weekend: one rather uninspired blue bird.

something is always better than nothing

It's been, another, weekend of rest and recovery. The most relaxed and restful one in quite a while actually. The last board meeting, which we had during the past week, flushed all the long-standing worries and thoughts away and left me feeling empty, relaxed and free of unnecessary worries.

Between Friday and Staturday I slept upwards of ten hours without even waking up to glance at the clock.

Once I did get out of my sweet, sweet bed, I set out for some exercise. I made it another lap on my longest round, but I was undecided about it for a long time. The past few weeks I have been running that long round three Saturdays, with very little running inbetween. I have a hard time deciding if this is better or worse than more frequent exercise over shorter distances. Right now, being able to run a long round in daylight seems to win out in appeal against shorter runs in the dark of the evenings.

Variation must be good, right?

Could one long run per week with no exercise (except walking to and from work and things like that) be good variation? As a switch from trying to get out every other night I mean.

In any case, I got back nicely tired and spent the rest of my day with movies and the Settlers, my current rediscovered old game gem. Runs perfectly in DOSbox and is just as captivating as I remembered it. As a bonus, I am a much better player now than I used to be. Still, the game can be a little on the slow side. Once you have established a firm grip on your enemy's throat all you need to do is attack regularly, slowly consuming enemy territory while your own forces build up strength. I have been thinking of ways I might speed that up, I am pretty sure I can do it quicker.

In any case, I am hoping the feel of the game does not change drastically as the maps pass by. I want it to keep going on with rather steady, well-planned buildups and eventual victories.

No alarms, no surprises.

No milk today

So, no coding done this weekend. And I have not finished Coders at work either, but I am taking in a few pages every now and then and enjoying every single one of them.

In fact, I think I shall spend the remainder of my evening with that very book, in my very bed.