Shortest month ever?

Date: 2009-10-22 18:55:05 Created: 2009-10-22 14:34:57

October has flowed by like a stream on fast forward, full of things, events and people. There has been the occasional breathing room as well, but they have done nothing to remove the overall feeling of dates going "swooosh" as they pass me by.

On Sunday we turn back the clock once again. As much as I love that extra hour of sleep on Sunday, I still think I would prefer to have my daylight hours stacked toward the end of the work day. I do not mind
going to work in the dark, but I really like to have enough daylight for exercise once I get back from work. And that will start to get troublesome again now. Good thing I got that lamp ...

Speaking of exercise, there has been none today. I have warning signs of an upcoming cold, and I hope they will bugger off if I take it easy and pretend they are not there.

I went and ordered myself a whole truckload of furniture a few weeks ago, and all the things were delivered on Tuesday. As the things - a kitchen table, four chairs and a couch - were from IKEA, that meant the whole evening (apart fom some running of course) went into assembly. It all started to feel a bit industrial toward the end, with two people furiously assembling chairs.

I started thinking that perhaps it is a sign of age when you find yourself deriving joy and satisfaction from assembling IKEA furniture.
Then I thought, which felt more positive, that perhaps it is instead a sign of having loved (and still loving) Legos.
Then I thought how good it is to be of a Lego generation now that IKEA's assembly processes are so smooth and Lego-building-like, allowing us to get some building kicks in everyday life.

There will of course be furniture photos at some point. I just do not know exactly which of all the possible points.

All the new furniture has also lead to some fun refurnishing. Basically I have managed to fit all the "redundant" things into my bedroom, and in a way which feels quite cosy and not too cramped. The thought of throwing out a comfortable couch never seriously entered my mind. In any case, there are still nice little follow-up adjustments and completions left to do whenever the mood strikes.

I really want to move the Imac away from the TV too. But my film watching solution of choice - a nice new Popcorn hour - is unlikely to be delivered any time soon, so the Imac will either stay put or I will have to think of something else.

See, what a difficult life I lead?

Dream country

I have had a few dreams which I have remembered pretty clearly upon waking, but I have once again fallen out of writing them down. My trusty Moleskine waits faithfully by my bed though, ready whenever I take my time.

Speaking of dreams, getting the next Sandman collection book is long overdue. It is good to have plans well in advance of the next paycheck.