Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

I've been thinking once again ...

Yeah, I know that's not like me, but at least it's an old and familiar subject. The subject is Martin's noteboard and the fact that it seems so much easier to go on and write heaps of text there than it is to do the same here on my own website. I usually (for example when I wrote about it last night on Martin's noteboard) come to the conclusion that it's more fun the easier it is to post notes/comments on eachother and that functions for doing more of that is what I should build into this site next.

Then I nod decisively to myself and post some more on the noteboard.

Statistics are a damn addictive thing as well. Seeing posts per month and other stuff like that is just too much fun, especially when you and people you know produce the vast majority of the posts.

See, case in point! I never get shorter or longer pauses when writing posts on the noteboard. It's that feeling of not having to stick to a subject that does it I think, I can just let myself go on rambling until I get back to the point or any other point that happens to be floating around nearby. When you've got a website that you want to be decently easy to find your way around you can't let yourself wander too far from the subject of each page. The diary is a good escape from this though, no other subject than date sorting and all the rambling space I could possibly want! And for the rest of the page I like the categories and stuff even if it might mean a slight restriction in total text masses produced.

Another thing I noted on the noteboard yesterday is that ever since I left about class 8 in the dark middle ages I seem to be able to look back a few years and think that I was a much better writer back then. So, maybe all this noteboard stuff isn't doing my writing skills any good even if it's fun. Maybe the limits imposed by hand-creating (all right, hand copying and pasting) and modem-uploading every page was good for overall text quality. Did it make me more focused on saying what I wanted in the pages and keep me from rambling too much? Sometimes I think so. But I also remember clearly that I did feel annoyingly limited by the whole system, working with it was just too much of a pain. I like this way of doing it much much better over all. If I can straighten up my focus a little bit I'll be just where I want myself to be.

There's definitely no going back to the old ways of doing websites, so don't get any ideas :-) ...

Now it's time to check out some Mac sites. And perhaps get some breakfast ...

Wallet ... That should be descriptive of a small wall, right?