The evening's dish

Date: 2009-08-07 21:32:35 Created: 2009-08-07 17:21:12

The evening's dish.

Form time to time, I cook something I really enjoy. I try to vary myself to some extent, and I usually freeze leftovers for later lunches. All which results in me re-discovering previous experiments only to find myself eminently unable to recall exactly what went in them. So tonight I finally got around to writing down what I did before it faded from memory altogether. One small victory for mankind (and a possible smaller jump for my cooking) ...

Start cooking the rice. Chop the onion, dice the chicken. Fry onion and chicken, att salt and pepper. Lower the temperature, add the other spices and fry a little more. Open the pineapple, pour the juice into the pan. Chop the apples and pineapple and put in. Pour over the coconut milk, stir and simmer covered at low heat until the rice is done.

And yes, this came out pretty well as far as my tastebuds are concerned.