Further facts in the chili case

Date: 2009-08-07 08:08:43 Created: 2009-08-07 03:35:43

On July 5th, I got this nice chili plant. Along with it came a huge crowd of plant lice, which I kept killing as best I could. I felt I was making some progress, as the lice seemed to be getting fewer and both the plant and its fruits just kept on growing and growing. As the end of July approached, I had the lice under a bit of control, but had started to see increasing numbers of some kind of little flies around the plant. So before I left for a week in Örebro I got some fly paper and put up next to the plant. That seemed to work great right away, so I left, leaving watering in good hands.

When I got back, though, things were different.

Oh, the flies were gone alright.

But the plant was looking dry, with lots of crumpled leaves.

And the plant, the fly paper, the window sill and the kitchen window were all simply crawling with plant lice.

I believe a combination of the words "eeew" and "sigh" would accurately describe the feeling I got when I surveyed the scene.

I put the plant out on the balcony, gave it some water and then scrubbed my kitchen. For a while I felt like just throwing the whole thing away. But the fruits still looked fine, and according to experts there was no reason to not expect the plant to recover. So now I have kept it on the balcony for a week, and good things have happened.

Good things

For starters, the plant still lives and seems to be recovering okay. There are more healthy leaves now, and it still has not lost a single of its increasingly tasty-looking fruits.

More importantly, being outdoors it is now accessible to the local insect populations.

Ladybugs on chili plant, eating plant lice.

Ladybugs feed on plant lice.

More ladybugs on my chili.

Friends can come too.

Ladybugs, ladybugs, ladybugs.

Another shower would perhaps be nice to the plant, but I really do not feel like disturbing my new helpers.

Healthy chili fruits.